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Delivering Environmentally-Conscious Products

Molded wood is a natural material for toilet seat manufacturing. At Bemis, when we say natural, we mean it. Several million pounds of post-industrial wood shavings each month become recycled wood composite seats, marketed worldwide by Bemis. All Bemis-made molded wood seats are made from 100% recycled wood sources.

Use of post-industrial wood eliminates 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment. That is similar to powering 96,126 homes for one year or eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from 132,921 passenger vehicles.

In addition, Bemis uses environmentally friendly water-based paints, significantly reducing VOC emissions. Our packaging is even environmentally friendly - it uses more than 75% recycled content and is fully recyclable.

In 2007, Bemis developed a SuperNova paint finish for our molded wood seats creating a more earth friendly alternative to polyester seats for the European market. The total Hazardous Air Pollutant emissions of the polyester process was 24x greater than Bemis' compression molding/painting process, and VOC emissions were 12 times greater than our compression molding/painting process.