For Our Customers - Supply Chain Partnering on Policy

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Working with customers and suppliers to minimize waste

At Bemis, each step of our process is reviewed to find the optimum method of delivery, resulting in the lowest environmental impact. Because we use a high volume of products such as resins and paints, we are able to receive them via bulk truck or returnable tote, eliminating disposable waste.

And we return the favor, working with our customers to develop shipment methods that protect product, maximize cube and minimize disposable waste. One case resulted in Bemis creating an extruded strap that could protect and stabilize the shipment to the customer. Once the product was unloaded, the straps could be recycled - meeting both the customer's requirements and Bemis' standard for ecological responsibility.

EcoOptions Logo

When our customer, The Home Depot, requested Bemis to provide a toilet seat that met their EcoOptions criteria, we were proud to advise all of Bemis' molded wood seats meet the requirements and can carry the EcoOptions symbol.